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BKS Audio 107 Supreme Ribbon Hybrid Speakers

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BKS Audio 107 Supreme Ribbon
100.00 KGS
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1 unit
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BKS Audio 107 Supreme Ribbon Hybrid Speakers

Made in Denmark.High gloss speakers with grantie side cheeks.

Some slack on ribbons but sound well, glued crack in one granite side piece.

  A lovely pair of BKS AUDIO 107 Supreme ribbon hybrid loudspeakers with Granite side cheeks and lustrous black gloss acrylic cabinets. The fabulous HF unit features an 8" aluminium foil suspended ribbon providing the most natural and detailed top-end. Marriage to the conventional 5" mid/bass is a fine match with plenty of tight, controlled, deep bass which is punchy and tuneful. Every effort has been made to ensure as close a resonant free cabinet as possible. Standing 42" high, tappered at the top, the 107 Supreme weighs in at 30kg a piece.
A classic 90's model that performs admirably with either tube or solid state. The ribbons do have some slack which is common on all these models now though sound quality appears unaffected.
No original cartons or packing so collection only in the UK.