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Convert Audio Technologies Plato A+ Server/Amplifier 50 Watts Class A

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Convert Audio Technologies Plato
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Convert Audio Technologies Plato A+ Server/Amplifier 50 Watts Class A

Very good.

What is Convert Technology’s Plato Class A? Answer: it’s a wonderfully versatile single box solution for those that want to play music (and, to a lesser degree, movies) to a high standard without having stacks of electronics littering the room.

It will stream files from an on-board 2TB drive or from a NAS device on the same network, as well as accept inputs from a range of digital and analogue sources, including a record player. Yes, this digital Swiss Army Knife also has an adjustable phono stage.

The built-in power amplifier means that all you need to get going is a pair of speakers and a home network. As far as grown-up hi-fi goes this is about as neat and flexible a solution as we’ve come across.

There’s no shortage of connectivity here. There are three opticals, a single coax and a trio of line level analogue inputs. There’s even a dedicated moving magnet/moving coil phono stage that can be configured to match your cartridge properly thanks to gain and input impedance adjustments.

Add a HDMI output and a plentiful supply of USBs – as well as built-in Tidal integration – and we can’t think of a scenario in which the Plato is likely to get caught short.

Its 50W per channel power amplifier modules feature a variable bias system that allows the first 8W to be delivered in Class A mode. The company has taken a great deal of care to design the cooling arrangement so that the unit doesn’t run too warm. We barely got it to heat up with our usual listening levels.