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Epos M15.2 Loudspeakers

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Epos M15.2 Loudspeakers
35.00 KGS
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Epos M15.2 Loudspeakers

Good working order.


Power Handling: 120 Watt


Frequency Response: 50 Hz - 20 kHz


Impedance: 8 Ohm nominal


Sensitivity: 87dB/1W/1m


Amplifier Compatibility: 25 - 150 Watt


Configuration: 2 Way


some reviews


 After letting the speakers settle for about a week it was time for a more serious listening session. It turned out that my gut feeling was right. The M15.2s are indeed an improvement over their predecessors. This is most apparent in the lower registers of the musical spectrum. Bass response is clear and tight, although it doesn't extend all the way down in the basement. There's only so much bass you can get out of a relatively small box. Mids are very neutral and well defined, making it very easy to listen to speech and vocals. The highs are bright, but not annoyingly so. The M15.2s are capable of producing a wide stereo image, easily extending to about a meter (that's about 3 feet for non-metric types) beyond the speakers. And the detail, oh man! These things are capable of some astonishing resolution! On Diana Krall's "The Girl in the Other Room" you can clearly hear the pedals of the piano being worked. The music is reproduced so convincingly that, when you close your eyes, the musicians are right there with you. Louder music also doesn't scare the M15.2s. On Dream Theater's "Octavarium" you can clearly hear the picks strike the guitar strings. Everything's right, everything's there.




So, am I happy with my Eposses? You bet! For the money you'll be hard pressed to find a better speaker. I even dare say that you have to cough up a significantly larger amount of cash to find something that betters them.




Associated gear:


- Cambridge Audio Azur 540R


- Primaluna Dialogue Two


- Mystere ia21


- Project Tube Box


- Rega Planar 3


- Pioneer DV-565A
















[Apr 05, 2010]








My Epos es14 surrounds are disintegrating and can't be repaired.


I could buy the epos m15.2 for a steal second hand(e400).


Is hard to give a review because i am used to my epos es14 and i love those very very mutch.


The epos m15.2 give high detailed sound they are dynamic. The bass is not big but its rounded(you can hear differences between different bass sounds). The mids are not as good as in my old epos es14. also i do mis some air in the music. These speakers are no made for big rooms. They are not as good as the es14 in listening to all sorts of music. They are great in female voices but make male voices to smooth and sweet.


They are great for classical and jazzy music, allso they are great for female voices.


All is detailed but too smouth. nothing gets agressive or rough in these speakers.


The epos m15.2 are not forgiving for bad recorded music.


It will not be the loveaffair that i had with the epos es14 but they give enough detail and punch to say these are good speakers.