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Onkyo Monitor 2000 Speakers

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Onkyo Monitor 2000 Speakers
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Onkyo Monitor 2000 Speakers

A few marks here and there but good working order. New foam surrounds fitted to bass drivers by Wembley.

Onkyo monitor 2000 speakers shipped on a pallet or buyer collects The speaker system of the monitor series which adopted the pure cross carbon diaphragm and the Magnesium alloy diaphragm. In the diaphragm of a Woofer, pure cross carbon was fabricated and used for the cone, and the 12.7 times (Young's modulus) as much synthetic as a paper cone is gained. Furthermore, the synthetic peculiar to carbon is demonstrated for the carbon plain weave to an omnidirectional (a dust cap part is 45 degrees two-layer) by three layers and shifting and piling up 30 degrees of angles at a time. Moreover, it has succeeded in raising an internal loss, without completely reducing rigidity to the binding material used at the time of a cone shaping using a newly developed epoxy system resin. The thing of magnet size phi200xphi95x25t and flux density 14150gauss is adopted as a magnetic circuit. To a squawker and a tweeter, an internal loss is large, and has adopted as inside and a quantity region at them the Magnesium alloy diaphragm which moreover acquired structural rigidity with sufficient thickness based on magnesium with the lowest density in the practical use metals. The cabinet design is thinking strength of structure as important and the apitong plywood of a 28mm high rigidity and the Takauchi part loss is used for the particle board of 25mm thickness, and a back board at the baffle board, the top plate, the sole plate, and the side plate. Moreover, in order to solve the influence of a reflection and diffraction of the elastic wave in a baffle board, except the time of a coordination, the projection of a level controller is also pushed in and is made into the flat.

Scheme A 3 way 3 speaker bass-reflex scheme and a bookshelf type
Using unit For low-pass: 34cm cone type
For mid ranges: 10cm composite type
For high regions: 2.5cm dome shape
Play frequency band 25Hz - 45000Hz
The maximum input 160W
The moment maximum input 1600W (0.1sec of connect times, and 1sec of iteration time)
The value with which it measures by a burst wave and an output is saturated
Impedance 6ohm
Cross over frequency 600Hz, 4000Hz
Output sound pressure 90dB/W/m
Cabinet internal volume 73L
Level control The object for inside sound, the object for loud sounds, succession good transformation
Dimensions Width 408x height 732x depth of 382mm (saran net included)
Weight 40kg