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Opera Consonance Ref 1.3 TVC Preamplifier with Remote

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Opera Consonance Ref 1.3 TVC Pre
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Opera Consonance Ref 1.3 TVC Preamplifier with Remote

Very good with remote and in good working order

6moons said:

The ability of the Consonance Ref1.3 to deliver clear, balanced and engaging music was obvious from the start. The amount of attenuation provided was certainly in the same ball park as my active ARC line stage so getting volume levels needed for meaningful and customary listening requirements was a non-issue. Tweaking via isolation footers etc. merely refined what was already a strong and positive sonic signature. Instruments, whether from large orchestral sections or solo work, always felt timbrally intact and correct and had a sense of completeness and integrity. In the past I've heard certain audio components that were transient intense where ferocious attack abilities rendered the body of instruments or voices anemic and threadbare. Not so the Ref1.3. Ambience retrieval was very good, with a bit more lateral spread than depth. My ARC REF1 did convey depth of field more emphatically but there are those who believe that tube gear can hype this parameter. When I attend live concerts I hear depth depending on my seat location in the hall so for me the way the ARC line stage delivers that effect just feels preferable. The Consonance was no slouch in this department, however. [The debate over how much depth is accurate really varies a lot with your location, venue properties, performers and a host of other details; it is almost meaningless to get overly entangled in that issue.] Bass extension from the Consonance was authoritative and in excellent proportion to everything else. As a pipe organ fan, this does matter to me. Notably, the lowest octave over this TVC was a touch deeper and tighter than I was accustomed to with the active ARC. It made me wish that the REF1 was better at this performance aspect. The TVC's midrange was unstrained, smooth and without any obvious problems. From very detailed recordings I determined that transparency and resolution were portrayed in a straightforward manner, with no major differences compared to my usual expectations. All in all, the sonics delivered by the Ref1.3 TVC felt really good and inviting