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Primary Control Kinea Direct Drive Turntable

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Primary Control Kinea Turntable
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Primary Control Kinea Direct Drive Turntable

Very nice indeed with original wooden shipping crate.

The Kinea, though not new for 2017, is a big, beautiful variable-torque “coreless direct drive” turntable with an oversized 360mm platter. The motor is a relatively low-torque, brushless, air core design that is geared to minimise magnetic motor cogging effects. On start-up, however, the motor can temporarily go into a 5-second period of high-torque operation to bring the platter up to speed, but thereafter reverts back to a low-torque “standy” operating mode. An electronic regulation system enables variable torque operation. The platter is a five-layer composite, while the spacious plinth of the turntable allows room for arm boards supporting 9-inch to 13-inch tone arms.

Sonically, I was struck by the Primary Control analogue rig’s light, lithe, agile, and noise free presentation. Further listening is indicated.