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Renaissance Audio Unity Preamp Retail £2895 Black

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Renaissance Audio Unity Preamp
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Renaissance Audio Unity Preamp Retail £2895 Black

Excellent, black fronted version.

Renaissance Amplification's aim with the Unity PRE was to create a preamplifier of exceptional transparency and involvement in order to do justice to its natural partner the Unity 100 power amplifier. First class technical performance is only part of the overall story. Renaissance amplification devoted a great deal of research and development time to ensure that the sound reproduced by the Unity Pre loses none of original recordings engaging musicality. Enabling you to fully enjoy the music to a greater degree with this unusually effective preamplifier.

The Unity Pre performance cornerstone is its bespoke volume control. The Renaissance Unity Pre delivers a wide range of adjustment in small steps in a much more consistent and accurate way than many other highly regarded brands on that are currently available. This solution took many hours of development to implement. During listening trails and with new owners commenting that the Renaissance designed volume control circuitry is totally devoid of any artefacts or character on the music

Unity's gain stage is very similar to that in the Unity 100 in that it produces vanishingly low distortion. Fully regulated power supplies feed pure class 'A' circuitry, configured for constant current delivery to minimise any possible interaction with the power supply. Our volume control is a switched attenuator using aerospace-style miniature screened relays combined with precision fixed resistors. We wish you to hear the same music at all volume settings so the circuit has been constructed in a unique fashion way to make this possible.

All these superb design features come together to make the Renaissance Unity pre amplifier one of those rare pieces of equipment that removes itself from the audio chain just leaving the music.

Frequency response 4Hz to 80KHz (-1dB)
Input Imped: 50K Ohms
THD: less than 0.001%
Gain: +15.5dB
S/N ratio (A-wtd): 96dB
Power consumption: 6 Watts
Distortion: 20Hz to 20Khz 0.00016% - 0.0007%
Size 453mm W x 325mm x D 73mm H
Weight 7kg