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Spartan Helot 2X Valve Headphone Amplifier

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Spartan Helot 2X Valve Headphone
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Spartan Helot 2X Valve Headphone Amplifier

  • Great tone at an amazing price.
  • Part designed in the UK and China.
  • 12AU7 / ECC82 & 12BH7 / ECC99.
  • JJ Electronic / EHX Tubes.
  • Frequency response of 20Hz - 30kHz.

Note -The JJ electronic ECC99 is a bit fragile and will now be sent in the box for installation yourself. Sometimes if the amp is dropped during transit the vacuum can break in the ECC99 tube.

This amp is jointly designed and built in the UK & China. We worked with our factory in China to build a high quality headphone amp which didn’t just use the cheapest components we could find. Once it arrives in the UK it goes through the final phase of construction as well as a range of quality checks. 

Optimal setup

We recommend this setup for best results however the device will work with a range of other combinations. Pick what works for you. 

Headphones with 1/4” jack which plug directly into the amp > 2 RCA cables > CD player.

Which Tubes?

Please note the below observations may not apply on all setups.

In our experience, with the JJ tubes it's much easier to heavily distort the tracks if you're playing with the volume on the amp / playing device maxed. It makes it sound quite fat and bass-y. This is only when everything is maxed and is easily rolled off. If you want the option for more distortion these tubes could be the best choice.

EHX sound a bit smoother and warmer. These are harder to get incredibly distorted. Even when volume levels are maxed everything remains very useable