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Stealth Dream V14 2 Metre Speaker Cables

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Stealth Dream V14 2 Metre
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Stealth Dream V14 2 Metre Speaker Cables

With spade terminals, excellent pair of speaker cables.

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Dream V14Truly directional loudspeaker cables The "Dream V14" is the newest - and the best up-to-date (2014) revision of the STEALTH Dream family of loudspeaker cables (excluding only the separately standing flagship Dream Royale). The size (overall diameter) of the Dream V14 (revision 2014) is larger than such of the Dream and the Dream V10, the color is white (with four blue spiral stripes that go along the cables - for the first production run, and gold spiral strips for the latest production)

The Dream V14 offers a number of improvements over its predecessors -  the Dream and the Dream V10 This is the first ever STEALTH loudspeaker cable featuring variable cross-section along the cable (STEALTH VariCross)  - designed to improve impedance matching between the source (power amp) and the receiving end (loudspeaker) - which considerably improved midbass and deep bass performance, without any compromise whatsoever in the midrange and treble definition and clarity.The diameter of the conductive core varies along the length of the cable, while the outer diameter of the jacketed cable remains the same, and thus the cross-section of the cables changes along the cable. This technique - which is absolutely impossible to make using a machine, and quite difficult to make by hand - is worth the effort because it dramatically improves the cable resonance characteristics and behavior  via effectively lowering the "Q" at ALL resonance frequencies - which results in a better overall tonal balance, lower any coloration of the sound, and improves perceived clarity.

The Dream V14 loudspeaker cables are the first in the STEALTH cable line to feature our new for 2014, completely redesigned solid silver spade lugs - or our solid silver banana plugs.

We also added a sliding tuning collar - our best and very effective innovation for the year of 2014.  Moving this collar along the cables allows fine-tune the sound, and it really works! The initial position of the collar is approximately 27 to 30 inches from the power amplifier  (the transmitting end of the cable). The optimal position of the tuning collar is system-dependent. It is recommended to fine-tune the Dream V14 after it is broken-in (i.e. approximately two weeks after its installation in a system) - moving the tuning collar along the cable for find the best clarity and naturalness of the sound. Our tests show that on a high-resolution system with high quality digital units moving the tuning collar along the Dream V14 creates clearly audible changes in sound, and with careful tuning the sound quality with the Dream V14 surpasses the original Dream and the Dream V10 by a considerable margin - specifically in the deep bass and midbass regions.

The Dream V14 loudspeaker cables have been in testing since early 2013; several pairs were built in the color code shown below (silverish-white with blue stripes). No other changes, except for the color - have been made in the released (production) Dream V14.