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T+ A V10 Amplifier and D10 CD Player Boxed

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T+ A V10 Amplifier and D10 CD
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T+A V10 Amplifier and D10 CD Player Boxed

Serviced and boxed with remote.

In good working and superb condition recently factory serviced and fitted with a new set of valves.

T+A didn't use tubes in the V10 for novelty's sake. Because part of the anniversary line's mission was to show off the company's technical prowess, T+A sought new ways of implementing the older technology.Is there anything genuinely new under the audio sun? For the most part, industry cynics say "No," claiming that most new amplifier designs merely rehash well-worn circuits. T+A developed a new circuit for the V10 that it calls the SPPP, for "Single Primary Push-Pull." T+A's surprising claim of 80Wpc RMS with 18Hz-100kHz bandwidth at less than 0.5% harmonic distortion gives you a clue that something interesting might be going on under that blue acrylic top plate (footnote 1).