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Lector VF1 70L Hybrid Integrated Valve Amplifier

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Lector VF1 70L Hybrid Amp
12.00 KGS
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Lector VF1 70L Hybrid Integrated Valve Amplifier

Better known for their superb digital systems, Lector have long since produced excellent hybrid (tube/solid state) amplification. The VFI 70L is a 50wpc integrated line amplifier that uses a pair of double-triodes (ECC81) in the output stage.
No remote. Can be used with Lector remotes for volume control.

 Full working order.

recommended *****

Voltage ? - 230v
Manual? - na
Mains lead? - yes
Remote? - no
Original box/packing? no
Age? - circa 2007
Owners? - unknown
Condition? very good
Operation?  Full working order
Service/Repair History? no
Modifications?    none
Useage?   average