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Michell Engineering Accessories

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Michell Accessories
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Michell Engineering Accessories

We sell a range of Michell Engineering accessories to further increase your experience of Michell products, please see the Michell Website for full details and specifications.

SEcure Cover   £302                          

Iso base     £319

Tecnoweight     £99

Uni-Cover     £59

Banana Plugs (set of 4)     £23

Speaker Plugs (set of 4)     £23

Amplifier Terminals (set of 4)     £23

Record Clamp     £38.50

Tenderfeet Small     £8.25

Tenderfeet Large     £9.75

VTA Arm Adjuster (For threaded base tonearms)    £24

VTA Rega 3 Point Fixing VTA (for 3 point moulded plastic base arms)    £41

Cartridge Mounting Kit.....£6.75

Finger Locking Nut Rega (Threaded tonearms)     £13.25

Cartridge Tags (silver plated set of 4)     £14.95



Drive Belts     £22

Gyro Bearing     £155

Bearing Oil     £4

Suspension Adjusters and Springs     £78.75

Arm Plate Decoupling Kit     £26

Standard Gyro Arm Plates Silver     £69

Standard Gyro Arm Plates Black or Gold     £76

Special Arm Plates (Made to order) Silver     £96

Special Arm Plates (Made to order) Black or Gold     £109