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We are demonstrating the ONKK CUE turntable and the National Hifi Show in the Syndicate 11 room.


The National Audio Show has been chosen by ONKK to launch its first major product Cue a UK manufactured Direct Drive turntable. Cue is the result of 5 years of R&D culminating in a flagship record player that can reproduce the music as the artist intended it to be heard.
Cue consists of a sandcast, two box plinth and power supply deck that features a unique pistonic suspension system, wear less ceramic bearing, high mass inert platter which incorporates a uber precise proprietary rotary encoder, manufactured to a line to line tolerance of 0.2 microns, this encoder inputs data to the High Resolution DSP Speed Controller meaning speed can be set and recalled from memory in 1/100ths of an RPM.
Cue builds upon the technology of broadcast analogue reproduction systems from manufacturers like EMT, but being fully designed and manufactured digitally utilising CAD/CAM is 21st century in concept and aesthetic design.
Cue is exclusively intended for 12 inch tonearms as the increased length reduces the distortion associated with tracking errors.
Syndicate 11 will be an exclusively analogue room consisting of Cue as the source with an Origin Live tonearm, Van den hull Colibri Platinum Cartridge, Kiseki Purpleheart NS cartridge an NVO SPA-2 Special Edition phono stage, AVM and Audionet Amp Max amplification and Vivid Audio  Giya speakers.
Vinyl albums will be played from start to end throughout the weekend to a pre published playlist incorporating a sample of musical genres.
The intention is to demonstrate an analogue reproduction system that recreates the recorded music as the artist(s) intended.
Vinyl House, high end rare  record dealer will also be present so bring your wallet.