ALR Jordan Note 7 Loudspeakers

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ALR Jordan Note 7 Loudspeakers
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ALR Jordan Note 7 Loudspeakers

Scratch on one side otherwise very nice - No grilles




  System: 3-Wege - Bass Reflex Frequenzbereich: 35 - 30.000 Hz
   Nennleistung: 140 Watt Musikbelastbarkeit: 200 Watt
   Impedanz: 6 Ohm Empf. Verstärkerleistung: 30 Watt - 300 Watt
   Empfindlichkeit: 92 dB Übergangsfrequenz: 2.800 Hz
   Flankensteilheit der Filter: 24 dB Gewicht: 29,4 kg
   Abmessungen (BxHxT): 245 x 1070 x 315 mm  

The ALR JORDAN Note 7, constructed as the big „sister“ of Note 3 and Note 5, performs its duty with absolutely sovereign ease. It plays music with apparent effortlessness and is capable of reproducing even the most difficult musical passages with ease. This vividness of music reproduction is based on the homogenous teamwork of two ALR JORDAN aluminium bass chassis, which are augmented into a perfect unit with a mid-range chassis made from the same housing as well as a coated 25 mm fabric dome cap. A hand-wound and calibrated crossover of the highest value rewards one with distinguished musical reproduction. Just let the Vienna Philharmonic play in your living room once: this speaker convinces during the replay of full symphonies just as during reproduction of individual voices. A speaker that provides an excellent musical delight.

 There are also adjustable frequency ports at the back....turning the screws can alter the bass frequency which is quite unique and can be useful when positioning the speakers near to the walls.