Classe Omega Monoblock Amps 500 Watts & Awesome!

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Classe Omega Monoblock Amps 500W
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Classe Omega Monoblock Amps 500 Watts & Awesome!

Awesome high end amps with original packaging and in excellent condition

Please note this listing is for a pair of  mono amplifiers

Here are some quotes from the stereophile review:

Love at first hearing...but will the honeymoon last?
From the very first notes on the very first album, it was obvious that the Classé Omega was something special—not just good, but extraordinary. Ironically, given its massive size and immense power, it was in the reproduction of the tiniest details and subtlest nuances that the Omega was most, and most obviously and immediately, spectacular.
The Omega's top end was the best of any amplifier I've heard
The Classé Omega monoblock is an extraordinary amplifier—extraordinary in its appearance, its engineering and construction, and, most of all, in its sonic performance. But despite its over-the-top power and energy reserves, it is in the handling of details that the Omega is most impressive. However, in spite of the apparent incongruity, I think that it is precisely because of the Omega's prodigious power, and its ability to precisely control a speaker's motion, that it could do such an incredible job with the subtleties. Prior to the Omegas' arrival, my system's tiniest details had been lost in the slight blurring that arose from the speakers not quite keeping up, or in the faint overhang and back EMF resulting from the drivers' momentum overmatching the amplifier.