Eastern Electric M156 MK 2 Mono Valve Amps

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Eastern Electric M156 MK 2 Amps
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Eastern Electric M156 MK 2 Mono Valve Amps

Excellent condition, in original packaging

Lovely pair of M156 mono's from Eastern Electric. These 160wpc ( 8 ohm) beauties use the rare EL-156 Pentode power tube  - not seen since the 1970's until revived by Shuguang (China) Each Monoblock houses Four EL 156 Pentodes and two 12AU7 double-triodes.

Smooth, powerful delivery with just enough warmth and richness to  paint a huge natural soundstage without the soggy bass and rolled off highs of some lesser valve designs.

Condition is excellent. with manual but no original boxes. Will be packed fit for purpose.
Age unknown - useage unknown.

25kg each unpacked
430mm x 415mm x200mm
230v 50Hz
Highly recommended