Esoteric D-05 DAC/Preamp with Volume Control

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Esoteric D-05 DAC/Preamp
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Esoteric D-05 DAC/Preamp with Volume Control

Excellent, boxed with remote and manual

Does not support computer audio


Six Moons said:

That's it - the P05/D05 in a nutshell. If you do not flinch at the idea of spending $15,000 for what will be your source of music and enjoyment for the next ten years; and if are looking for the elusive combination of high resolution and dynamics with a humongous serving of tonal richness that does not rely on distortion or high-frequency roll-off to exterminate harshness but delivers instead true top-end sweetness, midrange truthfulness and top-to-bottom extension in an enveloping sound; then read no further.