Lovington Horn Speakers with Fostex Drivers

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Lovington Horn Speakers
120.00 KGS
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Lovington Horn Speakers with Fostex Drivers

Very good

Fitted with Fostex FX 120 drivers

Cabinets are large but driver is small, best change the driver for something better and add a sub

The potentional for good stylish sound is there, but limited at present by the Fostex drivers!


HiFi World Review

Reviewed by Haden Boardman - in an optimistic mood:

"A very interesting and unusual design, on simple acoustic recordings the Lovingtons' performance could be breathtaking..."

"...with a forthright, fast and very dynamic sound."

"On material much more complex, however, the SH1's had the ability to reveal deep layers, especially in the upper midrange and treble region. In this area the speakers seemed 'right' in their presentation; phase correct and the speaker changing its sound as different material was played."

The stereo image on everything acoustic tried was superb; a performance very much "out of the box". Even on more complex studio produced stuff, such as my favourite ABBA track "The Days Before You Came" the Lovingtons did a fabulous job displaying all the layers of this very well constructed arrangement."

"...the speakers exhibited a fine sense of air and space to all recordings."

"...if their sound suits your particular tastes, then I doubt you will find a more engaging design."


Dimensions h/w/d
Power Handling
8 ohmns
Fostex FX120
25kgs per unit