MS HD Power Block 6 Way Schuko Sockets

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MS HD Power Block 6 Way Schuko
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MS HD Power Block 6 Way Schuko Sockets

Very good

Retailed at 2000 GBP

A common trait of many filtering conditioning appliances is a brightness, a leanness, a lack of dynamics or a sucked out midrange whereas the MS E01 only adds spatial awareness, more natural tonality, timbre and an overall lifelike appeal coupled with an absolutely silent background which allows decays, smaller harmonics and that magical breath of a vocalist which people spend thousands in other areas of the system to obtain.

Playing a range of Dance and Electronica pushed the rooms boundaries so far that the room didn't seem to exist anymore, all that was left was a front to back, left to right encapsulation of absolutely holographic, detailed rhythmic beats and rhythms, a glorious mass of intricate detail, dynamic rushes sweeping the void my system had carved into the atmosphere with such complexity I can only describe it by referring it to visiting the French Science Museum and experiencing 4D technology.

CONCLUSIONS - The MS-E01 filtered distribution unit is a product which is extremely well constructed from high-end parts with great attention to detail. With a simple swap out of the Isol-8 the performance of my system reached new heights, particularly in the rendition of detail in a superbly organic and natural way, a real sense of feeling from an artist and a presence to instruments which gave them a true “in the room” feeling that allowed for even the body construction of wood based instruments to be conveyed.