REL Strata III Subwoofer

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REL Strata III Subwoofer
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REL Strata III Subwoofer

REL Strata III Subwoofer

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100W DC coupled internal amplifier. 10" downfiring driver in a sealed cabinet. A low-pass crossover beginning at 22Hz (!), with 24 semitone crossover points, extending up to 95Hz. Speakon ABC high level inputs and dual RCA line inputs. 1.25" cabinet thickness for greater definition and dynamics. Defeatable crossover for line level inputs allows .1 channel LFE management of the Strata III from the sound processor. Strata III features variable and independent gain adjustments on both high level and low level inputs for perfect gain matching in both two channel and theater applications. Full set-safe circuitry for protection if overloaded. 16.5"w x 20.5"h x 12.25"d. 48 lbs.
Date Reviewed: December 18, 2008

Bottom Line:   
Having built my small home studio equiped with pair of actve Dynaydio Acoustic BM 6A speakers (amazing itself) I came quickly to the need of proffesional grade subwoofer to pull whole hearable spectrum out. Dynaudios are class itself and I'm extremely satisfied with them Therefore it was quite challenge to find the best possible bass extension to fit with them and still keep my limit max 1kEUR. then I spent many days reading reviews, talking with audiophiles and friends. Must admit this forum gave me most of all sources to decide the best option - REL Strata III. Quickly I found good piece for 700Eur in Holland (btw I've realised there's signifficantly more REL offers per capita then anywhere else - probably good distributor's work :) . As I've never listen them before (no distributor in Poland :( ) my curiosity was extremely high when I finally pushed "ON" in my home setup. Already first impression was simply amazing. Sound stage grew up signifficantly while subwoofers stay virually "invisible". After some testing twidling and tweaking I've fixed cutof frequency at 31Hz with volume knob turned at around 2'o'clock. The sound I'm getting is one of the best I've ever heard and couple of my friend's just selling/changing their "High End" couldn't accept it sounds like cheap Tesco minisystem compare tto my sound :) REALLY! 
Although I can not say I have ever compared with any other subs at my home, I'm still absolutely convinced I'm getting better sound than I was ever dreaming 

Remark: I swear I'm not linked to any REL distributor, all claims above are my very honest opinion based on long term usage of my beloved REL Strata III :)
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