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Ming Da Duet 300 Plus Valve Amplifier

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Ming Da Duet 300 Plus Valve Amp
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Ming Da Duet 300 Plus Valve Amplifier

Product Description:

With the success of the lovely Ming Da Duet 300, we have now designed and built a superior successor, larger more powerful, but with all the grace and elegance of the old Duet 300. The new Duet 300 Plus uses two of the famous directly heated 300B triodes driven by the the 6P3/6L6 beam tetrode(aka kinkless triode). These are fed by one Jinvina Onion 6SN7 double triode input pre amp valve, per channel. To further enhance this amplifier's capability, we have spend time developing a zero global feedback back circuit to subsequently offer a fine open and spacious sound stage.

To improve the valve rectified power supply performance still further, we have in fact used twin 274B rectifiers, to improve power supply integrity and longevity.

The Duet 300 Plus is built on the, unique to Ming Da,  “Dynasty series”  cast aluminium chassis designed to reduce weight and audio resonance, along with enhancing the style and looks of the amplifier.

Further more this new amp uses our acclaimed in house hand wound large output transformers, designed specifically for this amplifier. Naturally the amplifier is built with our proven “point to point” assembly techniques.

We have of course included remote volume control, employing a high quality ALPS potentiometer. We also provide four inputs for this amplifier with the option of an inbuilt Wolfson DAC. A further option available is the availability of a switchable “Power amplifier” inputs.



 Output power- 9 watts per channel

Frequency response- 18hz- 30khz ± 1dB

Distortion ≤ 1% at full power

Input impedance- 100kΩ

Input sensitivity 300mV

Power input 230 VAC.

Dimensions in cms: 43W x 34D x  22H Weight 34 Kilos