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Michell Engineering HR Power Supply Ideally suited to the DC motors found in the Technodec, Gyrodec and Gyro SE turntables, the Michell HR Power Supply delivers regulated, low noise DC power enabling the Michell turntables to give their best sound quality. Comparing the standard power supply with the Michell HR Power Supply, their is a much lower noise floor so that the silences between notes are more profound. Bass really starts and stops more quickly and therefore enhances the rhythmic quality of music. Sustained notes are more pitch perfect too, giving a feeling of greater realism and transparency. Incorporating Never Connected circuitry, the Michell HR Power Supply is never fully connected to the mains power, therefore the Michell HR Power Supply is completely isolated from mains pollution. The rear of the Michell HR Power Supply provides a speed control, a detachable mains cable allows easy power cord upgrades.

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