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WALES:      01554 750262      emporiumhifiwales@yahoo.co.uk

NORFOLK:  01508 518542      emporiumhifi@yahoo.co.uk  (HQ)

Our Norfolk branch now has a second line: 01508 518468

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Rare Opportunity - Huge High End HiFi Sale

Metronome Kalista Reference CD Transport with extra battery power supply,                                                                                                                               silent base platform, mint, boxed. £20K Offers. RRP £35K+

Metronome Kalista Reference SE CD Transport, Elektra power supply, battery                                                                                                                      power supply, floor stand & silent base, mint, boxed. £26k Offers. RRP £40K+

TW Raven Black Knight Turntable with 2 Raven 10.5 Tonearms. Current model,                                                                                                                            mint, boxed. £23K Offers. RRP £36K

Siltech Emperor Crown Speaker Cable 2.5M Set. Excellent.  £13K. RRP $35K

Kondo KSL M7 Moving Magnet Phono Stage.mint,boxed £9K. RRP £14K

Kondo KSL DAC. mint,boxed £17K offers. RRP £34K

CEC TL0X CD Transport, 5/6 Hours use as new,boxed. £10K RRP £17.5K

Burmester 069 CD Player.very little use,as new,boxed.£22K Offers. RRP £34K

HRS Triple Table 4 shelves each table.New in crates.£30K Offers RRP £57K

Symphonic Line RG6 Turntable. Excellent condition. £11k RRP 28K Euros

Pluto 9A Prestige Tonearm. Excellent condition, boxed £5.5K RRP 14.5 Euros

We will be happy to Part Exchange your current HiFi against any of the above.


Now available in our Wales Branch

Audiomusic 805 50 watt single ended monoblocks

with double core output transformers. 6500 GBP Pair.


We are now stockists for Creek Audio

and Cocktail Audio Products


Benz Cartridges - Now available


  Emporiumhifi are UK distributors for


           'Pure Italian analogue exotica'


                              *On Demonstration*



                              For the Valve Connoisseur......

                      We are Audio Note retailers,
   contact us for information on all products




      Emporiumhifi (Wales) are authorised Quad main
         dealers offering their full range of products

    Latest Systems on demonstration - part-exchange welcome
                      Home Auditions by appointment only



     the funk firm...ever closer

             *Superb sounding analogue systems*

           We are authorised Funk Firm main dealers

                                Demonstrations available by appointment

Funk LSD / F5  (Table/Arm combo)    NEW

Funk Vector 3  (Table)

Funk Saffire 2  (Flagship)

Funk FXR-2     (Multi-Award-winning Tonearm)


                       Audio Music

     Audio Music Pre Amps & Monoblocks now on demo. 




           We are Michell Engineering retailers,

   contact us for information on all products

                                   In Stock  " Gyro SE - HR PSU "



         "Outstanding cable designs"

               We are Tellurium-Q retailers,
   contact us for information on all products

                *Available for Demonstration



             We are Van Den Hul retailers,
   contact us for information on all products

                *Available for Demonstration

We now have a series of new websites for the buying

department of Emporiumhifi:





Check out the long list of wanted items.

Telephone: 01508 518542

                                   Contact us now on:

                     01508 518542 - Norfolk - Head Office


     Emporium Hifi has been the main distributor for Lector since 2003 and is

           proud to represent the finest sounding digital replay from Italy.

Emporium Hifi is proud to represent Nightingale in the UK, with a range offering a combination of retro chic, modern precision and superb sound quality.

"With origins dating back to the 1950's, Simetel, the parent company and experts in telecommunications have since 1995, poured their expertise into Nightingale's audio division to produce a stunning range of Valve amplification and Open-Baffle loudspeakers that are timeless in design and passionate in performance. Take a closer look at Nightingale.... we think you'll agree."

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The waste Electrical and Electronic Equipm,ent (WEEE) regulations have been introduced by the government in order to reduce the amount of electrical items going into landfill and encourage recycling and re-use of these products using the best available means. Any residual WEEE should be disposed of in an enviromentally sound manner. Electrical goods are the fastest growing waste stream in the UK, growing by 5% each year.Over 75% of electrical goods end up in landfil where lead and other toxins contained in these items can cause soil and water contamination which in turn can have a very harmful effect on the environment. Many of the electrical items we throw away can be repaired or recycled, recycling items helps to save natural finite resources and reduces envioronmental and health risks associated with sending electrical waste goods to landfill.
In order to protect the environment for future generations it is important that we are all aware of the consequences of our actions and learn what we can do to make a difference.
Recycling your old electricals, please ensure that your old watse electricals and electronics are recycled in accordance with the regulations, Please do not throw them away with your domestic rubbish as they will not be recycled.
Contact your local council or visit www.recycle-more.co.uk and click the bank locator to find your nearest recycling point.

We also offer free in store take back,
on a like for like basis,, eg if you buy a new amp or cd player from us you can deliver or send at your cost your old item and we will dispose of it for you

"to remind you that old electrical equipment can be recycled, it is now marked with a crossed-out wheeled bin symbol. Please do not throw any electrical equipment ( including those marked with the crossed out wheeled bin symbol) in your bin